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January 23, 2007


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On tap...

  • “Living Plus Hope” on October 27th and 28th
    New Wine New Wineskins, a Dr. M. from Multnomah creation is doing it again, God bless him. This one will be on AIDS/HIV and how "evangelicals" (their word) can egage in the conversation, and I assume (hope) step in to support those most impacted by this terrible disease. In Oregon, the those most often infected are women and children. Set your fear aside and check this out. http://newwineskins.org/Events/
  • M. Ward
    Local guy makes good, and sounds even better. I admit to having a small rush when I was "added" onto his friends list, haha. 9/30 @ the Aladdin
  • Labyrinth Retreat: Journey to the Center
    Sept. 16th 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Grotto A labyrinth walk is a powerful way to meditate and practice active silence and contemplation, something we all need to do more of.
  • Faith for the Common Good Sept. 14th & 16th
    I heartily support all efforts to link action with compassion. Here is a perfect opportunity to network with activists, teachers, speakers, and common folk like me.


Usual Suspects

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    'life after seeing the rabbit and taking the red pill can never be the same.'
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    Oxford, UK, called 'home'
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    I am the Project Director for the Boaz Project. We are developing a support structure for church in the emerging culture. My blog is about God, spirituality, new media and new expressions of church
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    I'm a husband, father, pastor and church planter

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